Frequently asked questions

Eezi Quartz countertops don’t just offer you amazing durability and a good-looking kitchen or bathroom finish. With Eezi Quartz you can rest assured that your countertops will serve you for life, at an affordable price! Here are a few frequently asked questions to give you more information.


What is Eezi Quartz?

Each Eezi Quartz surface is made of quartz aggregate, which is why it can last so long and still look so good! Our countertops come in 20mm thick slabs and are great for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and backsplashes.


Why choose Eezi Quartz?

With over 30 popular colours to choose from, and a 15-year warranty, you are bound to find a durable, Eezi Quartz countertop to suit your home interior. It is one of the only quartz surfaces on the market that comes at an affordable price with unquestioned quality.


Where can I use Eezi Quartz?

Eezi Quartz surfaces are virtually non-porous, so they are ideal for areas that are hard-working, exposed to moisture or need to be hygiene sensitive. Kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, shower cladding and backsplashes are just some of the popular areas Eezi Quartz surfaces can be applied.


How do I clean & maintain my Eezi Quartz?

Life’s too short to waste time on complicated cleaning procedures. Just like the name suggests, cleaning Eezi Quartz surfaces is easy. Everyday care requires simple dishwashing liquid and water, and for more stubborn marks, we recommend using our Eezi Quartz Cream Cleanser (Available here) with a gentle, non-scratch sponge. Always remember to remove leftover residue with water after cleaning, to maintain its shine.


What is the difference between Eezi Quartz and other surfaces on the market?

Quartz is one of nature’s hardest minerals, making it a good choice for a durable surface. Unlike granite and marble, Eezi Quartz countertops don’t need any sealing. Granite surfaces are susceptible to burning and thermal shock, and as each slab is unique with natural fissures and patterns, it may be difficult achieve a more uniform look. Unlike granite and other solid surfaces, marble is a softer material which may succumb to stains and scratches so be prepared to commit to regular maintenance during the year. Formica countertops can be scratched if abrasive cleaners are used. Delamination is one its main issues, especially due to water damage, which makes repairs difficult.


How much does Eezi Quartz cost? 

As we are wholesalers of the large Eezi Quartz slabs, you need to contact a kitchen company, installer or fabricator to get an accurate quote. Knowing how to transport, cut and install Eezi Quartz takes a skilled craftsmen so we cannot sell direct to the public. Here you can find your nearest installer:


Why must I choose my slab in person?

Some of the designs in Eezi quartz are created to look like natural stone, which means that they can vary in look. This is why you should always see your slab in person before installation.


How big is an Eezi Quartz slab?

The Eezi Quartz slabs are usually 3,2m x 1,6m in size. The jumbo slabs are available in various colours and come in 3,2m x 1,8m.


How can I get Eezi Quartz surfaces in my home?

Our incredible network of fabricators across the country will be able to assist in getting a slab of Eezi Quartz into your home as a stunning kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity. If you would like to speak to one of our knowledgeable sales consultants before heading to this step, then head to one of our countrywide showrooms: